Strategic AI Insights

Tailored AI Use-cases

Clear AI Roadmapping

What You'll Get

AI Education & Insights

Grasp AI fundamentals and explore tailored industry applications.

Custom AI Solutions

Hands-on creation of AI use-cases suited to your business needs.

Your AI Action Plan

An actionable roadmap to guide your organization’s AI adoption.

Part 1


This section offers a detailed overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI), covering its introduction, types, and latest trends such as Generative AI. It examines many AI use-cases in sectors of choice like healthcare and government, and guides on selecting AI projects based on ROI, feasibility, and data readiness.

It also discusses designing AI experiments and strategies to build AI capacity within organizations, providing a holistic approach to understanding and implementing AI in various industries.

Part 2


In the workshop's practical segment, participants form teams for a dynamic brainstorming session, guided by the AI Idea Canvas to develop AI use-cases. Facilitators assist each team in crafting and refining business-centric AI ideas. Teams create 3-4 use-cases, choose the most promising, and detail it on the Canvas.

This hands-on part of the workshop focuses on educating about AI's potential and engaging participants in devising practical AI solutions for their business sectors.

Part 3


In the concluding section of the workshop, teams first present their AI use-cases using the Canvas for peer feedback and facilitator insights. Then, the Monta AI team conducts a comprehensive review, summarizing each group's ideas and providing expert feedback.

They also share a tailored roadmap for AI adoption, tailored to the organization's capabilities, covering strategies for initiating AI projects, team building, outsourcing, and a phased adoption approach. The roadmap also highlights potential challenges and key considerations. The session wraps up with an open Q&A, allowing attendees to discuss any questions with the Monta AI team.

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